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Otitis (Ear infection)

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This 3-year old mixed breed dog had a history of recurrent ear infections that the owner managed with an ear cleaner and periodic use of prescription ear ointments (Otomax, Panalog).  The treatments were becoming less and less effective.  Microscopic evaluation of the discharge in the ears revealed numerous bacteria and yeast which were no longer responding to the prescription medications.  Special ear drops were compounded with medications specific for the bacteria and yeast infecting this dog’s ear.  Most commercial ear medications also contain potent steroids to reduce inflammation.  Unfortunately, steroids also depress the immune-system and may lead to resistance.  As with any infection the underlying cause must also be corrected, or the infection will relapse.  Allergies are one of the most common causes for recurrent ear infections when no foxtails or ear mites are present.


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