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Adrenal Sex Hormone Imbalance

Click photo for larger image.
Click photo for larger image.

This 3-year-old Pomeranian suffered symmetrical hair loss that had gotten progressively worse for 6 months.  The hair was thin on most of the body, sparing only the face and paws.  Most of the darker-colored guard-hairs were gone, leaving a dry, fuzzy undercoat and only a few wisps of hair on the tail.  Hypothyroidism and Cushings disease are common causes of symmetrical hair loss, but were ruled-out with routine laboratory tests.  More extensive hormonal testing showed that this neutered-male dog was producing excessive progesterones when his adrenal glands were stimulated.  Treatment with Lysodren, which suppresses adrenal gland function, allowed normal hair growth to occur.  Now this Pomeranian boasts a magnificent ruff and tail!


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